A hint for mobile users

It's come to our attention that the site's new format may confuse some mobile users, particularly those unfamiliar with our underlying Blogger platform. We've had a couple of questions asking where the content is.

Below is a screenshot of our home page. At the top left corner of the screen, you will observe three horizontal lines. This is the Menu button. We've drawn a red circle around it to help you find it.

If you press on the Menu button, your browser will load a page with links to all the familiar content. This is shown in the screenshot below:

The technical term for this menu is the "sidebar." On desktop computers, it appears alongside the content on every page here. 

However, due to limited space on mobile devices, the sidebar is dynamic – it hides until you click on the Menu symbol – the three horizontal lines.

On a mobile device, you can access this dynamic menu from every page on the site, so you can flip from page to page without going back to the home page.

The pages from the old site are here

Now that you know how to bring up the sidebar on a mobile device, you'll find the junctions and crossings from the old site, but organized slightly differently, and appearing in the new format.

In a couple places, we've split up old pages where it made sense to do so. We've added one all-new page about the Indiana Harbor Belt. We have replaced or added a couple new photos and maps – and we have plans for more.

We'll probably replace some of the textual directions with Google Maps links, because that's what most people use to navigate these days.

We hope that this post helps you find the information you're accustomed to seeing.

Use the comment feature to give us your thoughts about what you'd like to see on this site. 


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