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A hint for mobile users

It's come to our attention that the site's new format may confuse some mobile users, particularly those unfamiliar with our underlying Blogger platform. We've had a couple of questions asking where the content is. Below is a screenshot of our home page. At the top left corner of the  screen, you will observe three horizontal lines. This is the Menu button. We've drawn a red circle around it to help you find it. If you press on the  Menu  button, your browser will load a page with links to all the familiar content. This is shown in the screenshot below: The technical term for this menu is the "sidebar." On desktop computers, it appears alongside the content on every page here.  However, due to limited space on mobile devices, the sidebar is dynamic – it hides until you click on the Menu symbol – the three horizontal lines. On a mobile device, you can access this dynamic menu from every page on the site, so you can flip from page to page without going back to

A tribute to Bill Gustason and the Chicago Rail Junctions website

Goodbye Chicago Rail Junctions ... Hello, Chicago Rail Info! Bill Gustason has had a lifetime interest in railroads that was nurtured by his father, who worked for a time for the Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway. In the mid-Nineties, Bill envisioned creating a website to untangle the web of rail lines and junctions located in Chicago’s south suburbs and in northwest Indiana. After his retirement from Purdue University, Bill created his new site, Chicago Rail Junctions (CRJ), achieving his goal. With help from many contributors, Bill incorporated additional information about railroad locations on the north and west sides.  By 2002, CRJ covered the  railroad junctions and crossings throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Along the way, Bill found time to co-author with Samuel Beck the Indiana Harbor Belt In Color book published by Morning Sun Books in 2010. Bill also established the Indiana Harbor Belt Archive website , and plans to continue maintaining that site. Since Bill creat